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About Prince Hall Housing

Our mission is to be an asset to our community, we are committed to providing suitable, safe housing for individuals, families and seniors in our community. It is our belief that helping to fulfill this need verifies our commitment to being a definite asset to our community. 

History of Prince Hall Housing

Prince Hall Housing Authority is a not-for-profit corporation that has been providing affordable multi-family housing in the Grant County area for over 40 years. Prince Hall Housing Authority is named in honor of “Prince Hall”, the founder of the 1st African Lodge in America now known as Prince Hall Grand Lodge.

“Prince Hall”, a man involved in many tasks in his day and time, was instrumental in fighting for equality for those less fortunate. The members of Wilson Lodge #12, wanting to emulate the leadership of the founder of their organization, opened a senior living house to begin providing housing for elder Prince Hall Masons in Weaver Indiana, Grant County, around 1923.

In an effort to expand, the idea was to transition and help as many elder Prince Hall Masons as possible; in doing so the concept for a low-income housing program was born. The attempt to help a growing group of elder Prince Hall Masons soon blossomed into helping to provide housing for all people in need that resided in the community. 

Due to the vision and ongoing dedication of the members of Wilson Lodge #12, Prince Hall Housing Authority became the first subsidized housing complex in Grant County Indiana, and continues to thrive and serve the need of low income families to this day.

In a community that has been met with continuous job loss, plant closures, and a steady decrease in population, Prince Hall Housing Authority has continued the vision of its founders throughout the years. Since the conception of Prince Hall Housing Authority in early 1970 to now, the need for suitable low-income housing has remained the same if not greater.

The dedication of the members of Prince Hall Housing Authority’s Board of Directors and the Management Company has remained the same as well. The fact that they are members of a Brotherhood, Prince Hall Grand Lodge Indiana Jurisdiction, that wants nothing more than to be recognized in the future as having the heart of this Housing Authority’s name sake, is a goal they have worked hard to achieve, and continue to do so. 

It is a great accomplishment to have been the first Subsidized Housing Complex in the Grant County area and the corporation continuing to be managed by the members of Prince Hall Grand Lodge Indiana Jurisdiction is a great accomplishment as well. It goes without saying, what a blessing to have this type of organization in this day and time.

In all, the Board of Directors, Management and Staff at Prince Hall Housing Authority are proud to continue to maintain the property, as well as explore avenues for improvement and expansion. Prince Hall Housing Authority will continue to keep the “Prince Hall” vision alive while continuing to help fill the need for suitable, affordable low-income housing in the Grant County Indiana area.